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About us

My name is Ugne. Me and my husband are creating wooden busy boards for kids with a lots of love and passion. We are here to let you and your little ones grow happy!
Our first busy board was created for our little ones, in inspiration of unstoppable drive to open every door, push every button, twist every handle, and explore every inch, and cranny of our home.

Our daughters really started to focus and explore objects on the busy board and spend hours every day playing with different attachments, excited and fascinated all at once.

We were thinking about each child, what could be interesting for them, what could attract attention for a long time, would help to improve and most importantly, have safe and fun playing time.

We’re often amazed by the senses that babies start to use at this age, especially the sense to “touch” and “see” things, so we wanted to create activity boards that allows children‘s little minds to soar!
The beauty of these activity boards is that they promote brain-development, lets baby or older child have fun — and usually gives mother to have a few moments for herself!

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Telephone: +37061262256

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