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Personalized Busy Board with Ice Creams


Busy board with lovely wooden ice cream! Your little one will absolutely love this busy board! 🀍🍦
This Montessori Board is very interesting and educational for toddlers (from 8 months to 3 years).

Your order will be shipped within 5-7 business days after order. Please leave a note – you can choose numbers or kid’s name on top.


Busy board is a great sensory activity for babies and learning activity for toddlers.
-Sensory board Improves hand-eye coordination;
-Fine motor skills
-Sensory learning from colours, shapes, textures and more
-Improves concentration and memory
-Foundational in developing the imagination
-Encourages independent play
-Boost self esteem and confidence in the child
-Encourages practical life skills
-Encourages problem solving

Height – 18,50 inch (47cm)
Width – 23,6 inch (60 cm)
Weight – 7,2 lb (3,2 kg)

– Handmade from high-quality wood
– Only child-safe, non-toxic materials
– Paints are suitable for children toys Certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolable
– All elements are tightly attached with screws and metal clamps
– Battery slot is childproofed to ensure total safety
– LED flashlight cover is always tinted to be safe for your child’s eyes;

Though this busy board is made with safety in mind, it is strongly advised that toddlers are played with only under adult supervision.

You can CUSTOMISE your busy board to suit you interest and taste. Just inform us about your wishes. Choose colours and pick the attachments that will spark the most joy in your child and you!
For customer individual order we need additional 3-5 business days for production.

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